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Kopy Katz suck...

...We Don'T Give a Fuck!


Brandon anderson | 05.21.2021

recently, we had the opportunity to chat with David and lee from UK rockers THE Kopy Katz.

What called you to the music business?


David: My cousin Neil Beshoori used to play guitar in Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages. He taught me songs and sparked my interest in playing music really when I was a kid. I was also a massive Elvis fan from the age of about 10 and that was my entry point into music and artists of the 1950s. All of that led to joining bands and the music business.


How did you stay busy (continue to stay busy) during the last year of lockdown and quarantine?


David: Well, we just designed to be a live covers band and that’s all I wanted it to be for a long time. Playing my favorite songs live with friends, what could be better right? That all stopped around March 2020 which led to a bit of creative frustration. That manifested in me writing a couple of original songs. So, I channeled my time into recording them and shooting a video too.


How would you describe The Kopy Katz’ sound?


David: It’s really a mix of everything I love. Predominantly The Stray Cats, rockabilly & 50s rock n roll but with musical overtones of T.Rex, The Rolling Stones, and anything else that I happen to feel at the time.


What’s the craziest story you have from a gig?


David: In 2018 we were asked to headline at Swingfields, Europe’s largest swingers & adult festival. Let’s just leave it at that.


We recently reviewed your single “Kopy Katz Suck” and it is well obvious you guys don’t suck, so how did the song earn its title?


David: The band occupies a space out on the fringes of the UK rockin’ scene. We include many ‘non-traditional songs’ like Paint It Black and White Wedding within the set, in our own rockin’ style. So, over the years I have heard that some people on the scene that like more traditional rockabilly and 50s rock & roll don’t like our band because we don’t sound like that. And you know what? That’s fine! “There’s room for everybody” as Elvis once said. So, The Kopy Katz Suck is just a tongue-in-cheek reply to them. We have a small but passionate group of friends and followers whom we love, but we don’t really mind if someone doesn’t like us. Hence the chorus lyrics:


They say “The Kopy Katz suck,

Ain’t rockabilly”.

Well, come a little closer…

We don’t give a f***!


Do you guys have any artists you would like to collaborate in the studio with?


David: The Stray Cats members for sure although, it’s funny, as a guitarist I obviously love Brian Setzer but I actually prefer Lee Rocker’s solo material and songwriting. That’s why I incorporate so many of Lee’s songs into our set.


Lee: I’ve been a massive Stray Cats fan since I saw them in “81” so I’d love to collaborate with Brian Setzer, He had the right amounting traditional rockabilly & punk/rock. The Stray Cats were always a rebel band who refused to bow down just to be excepted by the rockabilly mainstream. That’s just where we want to sit.


What is your dream band to tour with (any era, any genre)?


David: Well as a huge Elvis fan I would love to replace The Sweet Inspirations as Elvis’ opening act at his 1969 comeback Vegas season Haha, now that would be something. Failing that, it would have been to support The Rolling Stones on their 1981 USA tour. Did you know that The Stray Cats supported them on that tour? In fact, we recreated that show in 2019 on The Brit Boat Thames Cruise. We supported Not The Rolling Stones (tribute band) and Lee Rocker actually sent us a few of his memories about supporting The Stones which I read out to the audience at the gig. That’s as close as I’m gonna get to playing with The Stones.


Lee: As corny as it sounds, to have toured with Eddie Cochran & Gene Vincent would have been amazing. Those guys were out & out rebels for their time. They tore up the rock’n’roll rule book and I love non-conformists. People who play what they want to play so you either love or hate them. The worst thing you can be as a musician is to be just tolerated. The Kopy Katz are a marmite band. People love us or hate us, both of which are fine with me.


What is your most memorable gig?

Lee: I guess a memorial gig would have to be seeing The Stray Cats at the Lyceum in 1981 supported by King Kurt. I’d never seen anything so electric in my life. At 15 years old that one gig changed my whole life and began a love affair with everything ’50s including music, fashion, cars, style, etc.


What’s your favorite venue to play?


David: Personally, I’ve played Wembley Arena with my previous band Liberty a couple of times so that’s right up there.


Lee: I loved playing the 100 Club, London. Such a prestigious venue with all the musical history framed on all the walls. Having a photo of me behind my drums with the huge 100 sign on the stage & seeing a photo of Charlie Watts behind his kit in exactly the same place when The Rolling Stones played there was awesome. Nothing’s changed in that venue for decades.


What’s a venue you aspire to play?


David: I’d love to play some venues in the USA. We haven’t toured abroad yet but that would be fun. Maybe ending with a performance at Sun Studios or Graceland in Memphis. Now that would be one off the bucket list.


Lee: I’d love to play a good medium size venue like the Brixton academy (O2) or whatever it’s called these days. I like to be up close and personal with the audience. I’d feel too far away from the fans at a stadium gig.


Who is the artist or band you draw the most inspiration from?


Lee: I guess we wouldn’t be The Kopy Katz if it wasn’t for The Stray Cats” The way those guys don’t just play music to dance to, but they’re a great show band too. They play songs to just forget your problems of the day. Who doesn’t love a song about cool cars, hot chicks, and beer? The Stray Cats are never gonna change the world, but just for an evening seeing them can change your day. That’s my music philosophy - play music to drink beer too and shuffle your feet. Job well done!


Any new music in the works?


David: Yes, we have a second original single already recorded which we will release within the next few months.

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