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Reverend Peyton's

Big Damn Interview


Brandon Anderson | 06.03.2021

Reverend Peyton and Washboard Breezy are hitting the road this summer and we were able to catch up with them for another edition of "Twelve Quick Questions" before they embark on another big damn tour!

How did Washboard Breezy first get into playing the washboard?


I got her a washboard as a gift when I was 19. She wanted to learn how to play. We’ve been playing together ever since, 20 years later. 


How did you stay busy (continue to stay busy) during the last year of lockdown and quarantine?


Well, we made a record! We hustled any way we could, still are! Live streams, Patreon, everything we could do. It’s all been necessary to stay afloat. 


How would you describe your “Big Damn” sound?


Front Porch Blues


What’s the craziest story you have from a gig?


We get asked this question a lot, and I don’t know how to answer. We’ve done 250 shows a year, for 15 years (minus one of course), across 4 continents, 38 countries, and 48 states. A lot of them are nuts! It just depends…from hanging out with Axel Rose to having a headlining band pull guns on us and threaten to kill us for basically playing too good, to partying with NBA stars, living in the streets of San Francisco, and taking a live chicken to shows, to dining at castles in Europe, it more depends upon what you think is crazy. 


We saw that you are a weight lifting beast with your Instagram videos featuring different workouts. What is your favorite lift or workout?


Everyone should deadlift. It’s the most important strength-building exercise there is. Even if it’s just a trap bar deadlift. I do straight bar and trap bar deadlifts weekly.  My favorite exercise is heavy kettlebell swings though. I travel with a 150lb kettlebell. I can’t take it to Europe, and for me, that’s the hardest part about touring abroad haha. 


​Do you guys have any artists you would like to collaborate in the studio with?


Oh yeah, absolutely! I have a ton…. War and Treaty, JJ Grey, The McCrary Sisters, The McCoury’s, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Bobby Rush, Jimbo Mathus, just off the top of my head. 


What is your dream band/artist to tour with (any era, any genre)?


If we are talking dreams… The Rolling Stones! 


We have noticed Reverend Peyton’s amazing collection of vintage dobro/resonators. Which one is your favorite?


My favorite resonator is probably my 1930 National Triolian.



What’s a typical day in the life of Reverend Peyton like?


Well if it’s on tour like normal, then I wake up, eat lunch, sleep two to three hours on the way to the venue, then we load in and soundcheck. After soundcheck, if there is any water nearby we might try to catch a fish. Most of the time I warm up on the guitar, write and rehearse until showtime. Then we play a show! After the show we usually eat again, everyone goes to the hotel, and I then go to the gym. I get three or four hours of sleep at the hotel, then the day starts over again. 


Who is the artist or band you draw the most inspiration from?


My biggest influence and inspiration has always been Charley Patton. He’s the originator. He’s the beginning of what we know as American music. The entire musical landscape would be completely different if it hadn’t been for him. 


Any new music in the works?


Always writing songs and working on music, but right now we are still riding high on the new album. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so excited about a new record. 


Do you still have the pump-action slide guitar rifle?


It was actually a break action, 12 gauge shotgun, and… yes! 

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Catch them performing live at Hot Rod Rock and Rumble on August 27, 28, & 29 in Fountain Colorado!


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