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Ready, Set, Go!

Here is everything that will go into one of Rob's typical guitar builds. Each piece has been hand selected to ensure a continuous flow across the theme of the build.


Front & back

Custom one-off tools allow for the shaping and contouring of the rear, while traditional front bracing methods aid in Rob's persuit of the ever elusive "perfect tone". 


Neck & fretboard

Watch the neck take shape from bare wood to its metamorphisis into the most essential part of the instrument.



Rob opts for exotic hardwoods like reclaimed Belizian Sinker Mahogany to set his instruments apart from run-of-the-mill builds using more common woods.



If you are like us and have always wondered how this process is completed, then check out these detailed images of Rob's process of creating the body shape and contours.


finished product

Rob's finished guitars are undeniable works of art with sound to match their looks. Get started on your own custom order!

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